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arsenal_fan reviews
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March 2007
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arsenal_fan [userpic]
Veronica Mars Review: 316 'Papa's Cabin'

I think this would have been a much stronger episode if it hadn’t have been the last episode of the Cyrus O’Dell mystery. I haven’t been a huge fan of the mini mysteries idea ever since it was announced and by the looks of it, it hasn’t increased the ratings, all it has done is enrage the loyal fan base. I think it’s sad when a show has to compromise what was so great about it just to bring in new viewers. The genius of the Lily Kane mystery and the intricacies and twists and turns of the bus crash mystery have been lost this season and I felt that both the rape and Cyrus O’Dell mysteries were too simple for Veronica Mars and I believe this is due to the inability of the writers to introduce enough elements to make them complicated and shocking in the space of only 8 episodes.

This episode did have a lot of strong aspects though. Keith’s reinstatement has been handled well in my opinion and I’m happy that they made clear in this episode the fact that he is stand-in sheriff until they can hold an emergency election and it makes sense that he was chosen as the stand-in sheriff. He only lost to Lamb in a nail-biter election (so he has public support) and was of course the former sheriff (so he has the experience).

I also liked the Parker-Logan sub plot, it makes sense that he would pursue a relationship with someone like Parker and it is a logical step for him to make after his previous girlfriend was someone as intense as Veronica and after his soul searching with Dick’s “wife’s” little sister a couple of weeks ago.

“Veronica Mars” now goes on a two month hiatus before the final four episodes of season 3 are shown and with the current ratings of this show being in a ditch, they could be the last four episodes of the series. I think this is a real shame and truly believe that this is down to network pressure hampering creativity. Who knows what the writers could have come up with if they had an entire 22 episode season in which to unravel a multi layered season long mystery. I believe that if this show does get cancelled in May it will be seen as a missed opportunity and a desperate attempt to produce a great show under intense network pressure.

Final Rating: 6/10